Passage also specializes in supporting students who are transitioning from school into work, building skills in order to achieve their long-term goals. Through the tools of active listening, self-advocacy, work, life skills, and community involvement, all participants now have a place to realize their talents, abilities, and make friends. They are now known as fellow co-workers volunteering at various work sites, such as at The Sacramento Zoo, local libraries, adopting and beautifying parks and working with animals. They are people who do not want to be sheltered; they want to be fully contributing participants in their lives.

We have Passage programs at our Sacramento, Roseville, Auburn, Lincoln, Galt, and Elk Grove locations.

Passage uses a person centered service model, designed to meet each participant where they are regarding their ability to communicate needs. Passage attempts to understand the unique communication methods of participants and assist in getting those needs met while providing behavioral support. Passage has been successful in working with participants who have been labeled “difficult to work with,” and created a space for those participants to have purpose and a sense of belonging.


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