Employment Services


Southside Employment Services creates employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, increasing their financial stability and independence. It is our belief that by gaining competitive employment, society will see the value, talents and abilities of all people.

Supported employment enhances the training employers provide with additional supports the individual needs to be successful.

Southside Employment Services include: development of work ethic, task training, quality standards, safety training, professionalism, getting to and from work (mobility training).

If you or your company has employment needs, consider hiring Southside Unlimited. Our team, consisting of one Job Coach and up to three participant workers can address your work needs. We guarantee quality standards for all work done by our team, and your cost will go toward empowering people with developmental disabilities to become self-sufficient.

You can also hire one of our participants directly or through a Paid Internship Program! We will provide the job coach to help with initial training and any additional support the person might need.


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